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Welcome to America's Original Party School!

FREE T-shirt from ELECTORAL COLLEGE Sportswear! 

Happy New Year!  Here's an easy way to stretch your 2016 shopping dollars!

ELECTORAL COLLEGE--"America's Original Party School"--Is offering one FREE school logo T-shirt for every two items you purchase!

Buy two T-shirts, get a free T-shirt! Buy two sweatshirts, get a free T-shirt! 

IMPORTANT: Use the "Add a Gift Note" box on the "Review Order" page to indicate the FREE T-shirt size(s) you want! Sizes M-XXL available. White T-shirts only.

Electoral College USA Sportswear Product LineAt Electoral College Sportswear and Accessories, we sell unique, top quality T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, caps and gifts for those who take politics seriously--but not too seriously!

Go to the Shop to purchase your own collegiate sportswear from America's Most Selective Four-Year Institution!

While you shop, take a peek in our Lecture Hall to learn what the "other" Electoral College is all about.

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